Hate Washing Dishes After A Party? – This will change your life

With sustainability becoming a strong concept and people’s growing interest towards the matter, most of us in the modern world are concerned about our carbon footprints and consumption habits and a majority of us would like to live a more sustainable, cleaner and greener life.

Plastic in food packaging can be one of the most hazardous ways of contaminating ourselves and being exposed to some of the short- and long-term risks associated with the chemicals found in plastic food packaging. Some of these risks may include, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease and other health issues. Therefore, avoiding the use of these chemicals of concern in packaging is a great step forward, which is why we have Pappco Greenware, an eco friendly packaging solution for all your needs!

Single-use plastic products contribute to about 40% of the demand for plastic. Single-use (or disposable) plastics — like the cup, lid and straw for your hot coffee, or your water bottle, or the plastic container your micro greens come in — are all single-use before being thrown away or recycled, with no pathway for being reused again which means they’ll end up in landfills or enter the environment as litter.